NBA Daily Fantasy Guide 3/4
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Top Value

Anthony Davis - C - $12,900


Davis’ price has gone through the roof since DeMarcus Cousins went down, but the funny thing is, it still might not be high enough. The only comparable player right now is Russell Westbrook, but lately, he’s not even in Davis’ league. Over Davis’ past seven games, his lowest Fanball point total is 52.25 and his high is 94.00. He’s posted a number of 90 or high two times and he’s been above 70 Fanball points in four of those seven games. There is no one with the upside of Davis and lately he’s been about as reliable as they come. It’s a huge investment to make, but he’s worth it. The only reason to fade Davis is if the matchup is impossibly tough, but Dallas certainly does not qualify as such. The Mavericks rank 14th in the league against centers this season and they simply won’t have an answer for Davis on Sunday.   

Top Fade

Victor Oladipo - SG - $9,800


Oladipo has posted some monster numbers this season and he’s been more consistent than in year’s past, but he’s not an elite fantasy player, at least, he’s not in the class of LeBron, AD, Harden, etc… With that in mind, Oladipo is simply overpriced right now. He’s going to get you 40+ Fanball points on a nightly basis, but he rarely tops the 50 point mark. In fact, he’s topped 50 Fanball points in just two of his past eight games. He does have a monster upside, but it’s been a couple months since he went nuts. The matchup here is isn’t all that appealing either as the Wizards are ranked 6th in the league against the SG position.    

Mid-Level Values

D’Angelo Russell - SG - $7,000


The Nets took their sweet time working Russell back into their lineup, but it seems to have paid off as Russell is now flourishing once again. Russell has hit the 5x level in four of his past seven games, but more encouraging were the minutes he played in his most recent game. Russell was on the court for 38 minutes on Thursday against Sacramento and he comes into this game off of a nice two day break. Russell scored 40 Fanball points in that game on Thursday, which came on the heels of a 44.25 point effort against the Cavs. The matchup against the Clippers is solid as well as they rank 12th in the league against the SG position and 23rd against the PG position.       

Dwight Powell - PF - $5,600


Dallas has recently made a conscious effort to get its young players more involved and Powell has been one of the main benefactors. Powell’s minutes have gone up over the past month as have his points. He’s averaging 28 minutes per game over his past 10 games and 30 Fanball points. He’s not getting huge minutes on a nightly basis, but he’s generally above the 25 minute mark unless something strange happens, and at over a point per minutes, that puts him right around the 5x level. Factor in the anticipated pace of this game and his points per minute should be even higher. The matchup works as well as the Pelicans are ranked 26th in the league against the PF position this season.    

Jarrett Allen - C - $5,500


Though DeAndre Jordan is known for his defense and rebounding, the Clippers are somehow ranked 29th in the league against the center position this season. With that in mind, we should take advantage of that situation whenever the Clippers face a capable center. Allen wasn’t a capable center for much of the season, but he turned the corner a little over a month ago and he hasn’t looked back. He’s had some ups and downs as every rookie has, but for the most part, he’s been a reliable option at the center position. Allen is averaging 27.90 Fanball points over his past 10 games in just 24 minutes per game. Over his past three, he’s averaging over 33 Fanball points per game and he’s coming off a game on Thursday where he played 34 minutes. Everything seems to be lined up for a big outing here from Allen.  

Mid Level Fade

Enes Kanter - C - $7,700


Kanter often hits 5x value when he gets a good amount of minutes, but the problem is, you never know when he’s going to get under 20 minutes for some unknown reason. Kanter might be the only guy in the league that’s priced this high and isn’t assured of minutes. Kanter has played 22 minutes or less in three of his past four games and although he’s producing more than one fantasy point per minutes, it’s just not enough production at his current price. The matchup against the Kings is great, as the Kings rank 26th in the league against opposing centers, but again, you just can’t trust he’ll get enough minutes to make his number.     

Low Level Values

Bojan Bogdanovic - SF - $4,400


Bogdanovic relies heavily on scoring the ball to rack up fantasy points, but lately, his shot has been falling, so he’s safe to deploy when the matchup is right. Obviously since he’s on this list, the matchup is solid. The Wizards rank 30th in the league against the SF position this season and if Bogdanovic’s shot is falling early, he could be in for a huge night. Though he is heavily reliant on scoring for fantasy points, he’s been remarkably reliable over his past nine games. In those games, he’s averaging over 28 Fanball points per game. He does come in at under a Fanball point per minute, but he’s generally good for around 33 minutes per game, so he should have no trouble exceeding a 5x level.    

Fred VanVleet - PG - $4,000


I’m generally not fond of using guys that are going to cap out at 20-25 minutes, but VanVleet is extremely productive when he’s on the floor and the Raptors have a tendency to blow teams out at home, which opens up more playing time for the 2nd unit. In fact, because of those numerous blowouts, VanVleet is averaging two more minutes per game at home this season. That doesn’t sounds like much, but when you are above a Fanball point per minute, every minute counts. Speaking of minutes, VanVleet has been averaging 24 minutes per game over his past 10 games, and his points have been right in-line at just over 24 Fanball points per game.    


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