Welcome to Fanball

Welcome to Fanball! We’ve built Fanball from the ground up to provide a fun, fair, and competitive Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) experience.

How to Play

From our contest lobby, you can enter a variety of different contests, including:

  • Tournaments: In our tournament contests, the prize pool is guaranteed, no matter how many people enter the contest. Some tournaments have larger prize pools; you’ll likely be facing stiffer competition in these contests. Fewer players receive prizes in tournaments, but the prize amounts can be much larger.
  • 50-50 Contests: Finish in the top half of the standings in a 50-50 and you’ll win cash prizes.
  • Double-Ups: Win double your entry fee for finishing in the money.
  • Multipliers: Win 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x your money.

New to Fanball? Try a Beginner Contest

We’ve always got contests in our lobby that are geared towards beginner-level players. Just look for contests with the

label. You’ll avoid playing against players with huge bankrolls or years of DFS experience. Want to learn how the gameplay works without playing against public opponents? We recommend starting out with low-cost private contests.

Identifying Highly Experienced Players

We identify experienced players for you on Fanball. Those players have been tagged with an Experience Badge, so you’ll know right way if you’re up against a player who has played a lot of Fanball contests and/or has won big on our site.

Icons for Experienced and Highly Experienced players



  • More than 500 contests entered, OR
  • $2,500 in cumulative winnings across 5+ contests
  • In Tennessee, this is considered a Highly Experienced Player

Highly Experienced


  • More than 1,000 contests entered, OR
  • Won $1,000 or more in 3+ contests.

Entry Limits

Our competitors let their users enter as many as 150 lineups in a single contest. It’s just another reason most daily fantasy players can’t compete and win. At Fanball, you’ll never find a contest that allows more than 20 entries. You won’t need an endless bankroll, a computer algorithm forged by rocket scientists, or endless amounts of free time to be competitive in our contests.