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Thumbnail of Jae Crowder

Jae Crowder MIA SF

Jae Crowder shot 0-of-6 from three in Friday’s loss to the Celtics, finishing with 14 points (5-of-12 FGs, 4-of-6 FTs), six rebounds, three assists and one block in 33 minutes.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Kendrick Nunn

Kendrick Nunn MIA SG

Kendrick Nunn and Meyers Leonard did not play at all in Friday's Game 5 loss to the Celtics.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Robert Williams III

Robert Williams III BOS C

Robert Williams did not see any action during Friday's win over the Heat.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler MIA SG

Jimmy Butler accounted for 17 points (5-of-11 FGs, 7-of-8 FTs), eight rebounds, eight assists, one steal and one blocked shot in 36 minutes Friday vs. the Celtics.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson MIA SG

Duncan Robinson shot 3-of-11 from three in Friday’s loss to Boston, putting up 20 points (7-of-15 FGs, 3-of-4 FTs), two rebounds and one steal in 37 minutes.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Daniel Theis

Daniel Theis BOS PF

Daniel Theis posted his first double-double fo the Eastern Conference Finals Friday, finishing the Game 5 win over Miami with 15 points (6-of-10 FGs, 3-of-4 FTs), 13 rebounds, one assist and three blocks in 35 minutes.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown BOS SF

Jaylen Brown played 39 minutes in Friday’s win over the Heat, tallying 28 points (12-of-23 FGs), eight rebounds, two assists, one steal and four 3-pointers.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic MIA PG

Goran Dragic finished Friday’s loss to the Celtics with 23 points (8-of-17 FGs, 6-of-7 FTs), four rebounds, four assists and one 3-pointer in 36 minutes.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum BOS SF

Jayson Tatum led the Celtics past the Heat Friday, scoring 31 points (8-of-22 FGs, 12-of-14 FTs) with 10 rebounds, six assists, one steal and three 3-pointers in 43 minutes.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala MIA SG

Andre Iguodala (ankle) has returned to Friday's game against the Celtics.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of Vincent Poirier

Vincent Poirier BOS C

Vince Poirier, Tremont Waters, Tacko Fall and Romeo Langford are inactive for Friday's game vs. the Heat.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Thumbnail of KZ Okpala

KZ Okpala MIA SF

KZ Okpala, Kyle Alexander, Chris Silva and Gabe Vincent are the Heat's inactive players for Friday's game against the Celtics.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Bankster’s NBA 3-Point Play – April 3, 2019

by • April 3, 2019

By Bankster DFS

Did you know that on even a six game NBA slate, there are approximately 250 BILLION lineup combinations you can make? To be able to hit on the 1 lineup out of those combinations is harder than winning the lottery. A reduced player pool, though, can give you a significant advantage by reducing the possible lineup combinations you can make. If we limit our choices to only 5 players per position, you now have 400,000 possible lineup combinations you can make (pricing helps reduce this number even lower). Sure, that’s still a lot of lineup choices but it’s only .00016% of the total possible lineup combinations everyone else is working with. That is a SIGNIFICANT advantage for you if you’re choosing from a strong reduced player pool. That’s where we come in to help.

    Bankster DFS, The Home of the Reduced Player Pool, has teamed up with Fanball to give you a daily sneak peak of three of the plays we have included in our Bankster DFS reduced player pool. We aren’t lineup sellers; we write full articles that explain which players we like, why we like those players, and how we like to build our teams. We are a learning site more than anything, and you can see that in heavy member interaction on our various Slack Chat channels (we have one for every sport that we cover – NBA, AAF, NFL, NHL, MLB, EPL, PGA, MMA, CBB, WWE, sports betting, and Best Ball 10’s). You can get the rest of our reduced player pool, our daily articles, our members only slack chat, and Fanball exclusives with a Bankster DFS membership. That membership costs only $2.99/wk and you get everything mentioned above with it; 10% of all membership fees are donated to Donors Choose (a site that funds projects for teachers and their classrooms). You can contact me about membership on Twitter @bankster17 or sign up for service here.

Let’s look at the 3 point plays for Wednesday, April 3…

From the Corner: Danilo Gallinari (LAC/PF – $7K)
From the mouth of Phil Beneteau (@fantasyphilled), “The man has been playing like an All-Star since the Clippers deal Harris (and Boban) to the 76ers. He has produced over 35 FanBall points in each of his last 10 games adding in five games over 44 FanBall points. The cherry on top comes if you are going to play Harden tonight. Since the Rockets are on the back end of back-to-back games, we could see Chris Paul sit this late in the season. If that’s the case then let me load up on Harden/Gallinari and watch the value roll in!”

From the Wing: Chris Wood (NO/C – $4,900)
From the mouth of Phil Beneteau (@fantasyphilled), “he’s priced too high but he has to be in my GPP player pool. It’s gross to say, but when you have players like this who are getting extended run this late in the season you just have to swallow the pill. I wouldn’t suggest this play for cash, but GPP he could be sweet if people jump off at this price.” He has played 27+ minutes in three straight games and is averaging about 45 fantasy points in those games. Even at his elevated price point he’s hitting more than 5x value.

From Way Downtown: Ben Simmons (PHI/SG – $10K)
Embiid is not going to be playing in this game. We have no idea if Jimmy Butler will be playing in this game. We are pretty sure that Simmons will be playing in this game. He disappointed his last time out, but if he continues to get 30+ minutes he should pay off big given the pace that Atlanta runs. San Antonio’s guards rolled up the Hawks on Tuesday night; Simmons is far better than either of those two guys. As long as we get word that Simmons will play, he’s a high priced guy you should be starting your lineup with.

On the Bench (Fade of the Day): Everyone
    I say this facetiously, but it’s very important that you take special care when making your lineups this late in the year. There’s a ton of value to be had, and knowledge is power. People who blindly put in studs that who end up seeing limited minutes are that much further behind the curve than those of us who make sure to hang around at lock to see who is actually going to get minutes. So no, we don’t think you fade everyone and not play; quite the opposite. There’s a huge edge to be gained by paying attention and knowing that much more than your opponents. Spoiler: we will be running this “fade” the rest of the year since we really don’t know this far before lock who will and won’t play; it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise.
Don’t forget that you can access the rest of our Reduced Player Pool as a Bankster DFS member. $2.99 per week gets you access to all the content we produce for all the sports we cover, our members only Slack Chat, and exclusive Fanball bonuses. Contact me @bankster17 or you can sign up for a membership here. Thank you for checking our our Fanball NBA 3 Point Play. You can find us here every day throughout the NBA season (MLB coming soon).