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Thumbnail of RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett NYK SF

Knicks Want To Build Around RJ Barrett

Sat, May 30, 2020

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Eric Gordon HOU SG

Eric Gordon Says He Has Lost Weight

Sat, May 30, 2020

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Fred VanVleet TOR PG

Fred Vanvleet Says Raptors Want To Defend Their Championship

Fri, May 29, 2020

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Clint Capela ATL C

Clint Capela Could Play When Season Resumes

Thu, May 28, 2020

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Harry Giles SAC PF

Harry Giles Expected To Have Limited Role With Kings

Thu, May 28, 2020

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Mo Bamba ORL PF

Mohamed Bamba Says He Has Gained Muscle

Wed, May 27, 2020

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Dennis Smith NYK PG

Knicks Showing Interest In Moving Dennis Smith Jr.

Mon, May 25, 2020

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Ante Zizic CLE C

Ante Zizic Could Walk Away From NBA

Mon, May 25, 2020

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Bradley Beal WAS SG

Bradley Beal's Agent Dismisses Trade Rumors

Sun, May 24, 2020

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Rodney Hood POR SG

Rodney Hood Won't Return During 2019-2020 Season

Sun, May 24, 2020

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Kemba Walker BOS PG

Kemba Walker Thinks Knee Issue Could Be Chronic

Sun, May 24, 2020

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Victor Oladipo IND SG

Victor Oladipo Wasn't Full Healthy Before Hiatus

Sat, May 23, 2020

Bankster’s NBA 3-Point Play – March 28, 2019

by • March 28, 2019

Fanball NBA 3 Point Play

By Bankster DFS

Did you know that on even a six game NBA slate, there are approximately 250 BILLION lineup combinations you can make? To be able to hit on the 1 lineup out of those combinations is harder than winning the lottery. A reduced player pool, though, can give you a significant advantage by reducing the possible lineup combinations you can make. If we limit our choices to only 5 players per position, you now have 400,000 possible lineup combinations you can make (pricing helps reduce this number even lower). Sure, that’s still a lot of lineup choices but it’s only .00016% of the total possible lineup combinations everyone else is working with. That is a SIGNIFICANT advantage for you if you’re choosing from a strong reduced player pool. That’s where we come in to help.

Bankster DFS, The Home of the Reduced Player Pool, has teamed up with Fanball to give you a daily sneak peak of three of the plays we have included in our Bankster DFS reduced player pool. We aren’t lineup sellers; we write full articles that explain which players we like, why we like those players, and how we like to build our teams. We are a learning site more than anything, and you can see that in heavy member interaction on our various Slack Chat channels (we have one for every sport that we cover – NBA, AAF, NFL, NHL, MLB, EPL, PGA, MMA, CBB, WWE, sports betting, and Best Ball 10’s). You can get the rest of our reduced player pool, our daily articles, our members only slack chat, and Fanball exclusives with a Bankster DFS membership. That membership costs only $2.99/wk and you get everything mentioned above with it; 10% of all membership fees are donated to Donors Choose (a site that funds projects for teachers and their classrooms). You can contact me about membership on Twitter @bankster17 or sign up for service here.

Let’s look at the 3 point plays for Thursday, March 28…

From the Corner: Joel Embiid (PHI – C)
    From the mouth of Doug Shain (@bankster17), “Sometimes we like to keep it pretty simple at Bankster DFS. This is one of those times. One of our tried and true philosophies all year has been ‘play your bigs against the Nets.’ Well, it doesn’t get much better than Joel Embiid. He hasn’t broken a slate recently with games of 37 and 45 fantasy points over his last two outings, but prior to that he had gone back to back with 70+ fantasy points games. When a guy has 70+ point upside, and is playing a team like the Nets that can’t guard opposing bigs, it’s almost like a match made in heaven. Sure, there’s some risk that Embiid will see a reduction in minutes but that’s a risk with most stars at this point in the season. As long as we get word that Embiid is good to go and playing, then he’s got the highest upside of any play on the slate.”

From the Wing: Lou Williams (LAC – SG)
    From the mouth of Derrick Mcgough (@mcgoughderrick), “he has a steady amount of minutes with 25 plus per game. His minutes should only increase if Patrick Beverley doesn’t play today. The Clippers are fighting hard to stay in the playoffs so they have incentive to play hard. If his shots are falling he can rack up points quick at a mid range price. With all the studs resting and teams already locked in to either tanking or being set in their seeding in the playoffs, Lou feels about as safe as anyone with 50 point upside.”

From Way Downtown: George Hill (MIL – PG)
    From the mouth of Doug Shain (@bankster17), “Brogdon is out. Snell is out. Mirotic is out. Giannis is always iffy as he’s getting rested for the playoffs. Someone has to take the minutes for Milwaukee and lately it’s been George Hill. He’s played 20+ minutes in back to back games and has given us a 6x and 7x return in those games based on a $3k min-price point. I don’t see any reason for Hill to all of the sudden see a reduction in minutes now that he’s entrenched in the rotation and returning value for the team. The Clip Show are weak sauce against opposing PG, and I always like to attack those generous opponents. 15 fantasy points and I’m happy; anything about that is gravy.”

On the Bench (Fade of the Day): Dwight Powell (DAL – C)
    Usually we save our fades for big names but in this case it makes sense to highlight Powell. He’s been getting a ton of minutes for Dallas (26+ minutes in each of his last ten games), and on Tuesday night he went off for 50 fantasy points. People could see that, look at his price, and decided that he’s a rock solid play for his mid-range price. No big men play well against the Miami heat and their slow, slow, slow pace. The only time Powell faced them this year he managed just 12 fantasy points in 26 minutes, a far cry from his fantasy point per minute pace for this season. We use this phrase a lot, but it rings very true here, this is a massive floor game for Powell and I hate getting floor game out of my value play. I don’t see any way he can get us to a 6x return against this defense, in Miami no less, and I’d rather take my chances with another value play with more potential upside.

Don’t forget that you can access the rest of our Reduced Player Pool as a Bankster DFS member. $2.99 per week gets you access to all the content we produce for all the sports we cover, our members only Slack Chat, and exclusive Fanball bonuses. Contact me @bankster17 or you can sign up for a membership here. Thank you for checking our our Fanball NBA 3 Point Play. You can find us here every day throughout the NBA season (MLB coming soon).