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Category: NFL


Fantasy Football Almost Daily #366 – Running Back Positional Battles

No whiskey this week. It’s kind of bizarre being sober. We’re trying to convince Charch to drink tequila. Charch, Mat and Brian debate which players they like better from several backfields. Think about the Bears, Eagles and Bills runners. There’s a couple more than that, but I don’t remember all of them, and let’s face… Read More »

by • June 19, 2019

Fantasy Football Almost Daily #365 – GUILLOTINE LEAGUES + Whiskey Wednesday FINAL!

Charch, Mat and Brian discuss the Guillotine League! How to play, where to find them and what strategies to employ. Then, it’s the FINAL WHISKEY WEDNESDAY with the fire water provided by Stadium Spirits of Mankato, MN. Two more Scotts (Fish and Belchak) join us again to pick a champion. Looking for #RABS? It’s going… Read More »

by • June 12, 2019

Fantasy Football Almost Daily #364 – So Your Dynasty Team Sucks, Now What? + Whiskey Wednesday + #RABS

Today’s an odd one. First off, Charch, Mat and Brian discuss what you should be doing now if you’re in a rebuild in a dynasty or Empire league roster. What strategies should you follow and who are some targets that you should be gunning to acquire? Then, we drink whiskey provided by Stadium Spirits of… Read More »

by • June 5, 2019

Detroit says they’ll run the ball. We’re believers.

“We’ll always be about running the football.  We want to be a tough, hard-nosed, physical football team. We want to be able to exert our will on our opponents.”  – Lions offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell Fantasy owners have, rightly, become suspicious of public declarations from coaches.  They’re notorious liars and blowhards. But this one rings… Read More »

by • May 30, 2019

Fantasy Football Almost Daily #363 – The Sneaky NFL Backfield That’s About to be a Powerhouse + Whiskey Wednesday

All four guys are back again this week, with their whiskey provided by Stadium Spirits of Mankato, MN. Charch covers the one team he thinks is about to become a run first giant in the NFL. There’s some runners to invest in here. Then we drink some whiskey, and bring in a very special guest… Read More »

by • May 29, 2019

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