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Fanball Auction Strategy for 10/12/18

by • October 12, 2018

If you haven’t noticed yet, we now have a fun new style of gameplay on Fanball! It’s not your grandpa’s version of fantasy football auctioning like other sites and apps have… we are reinventing the game. You can play for money or just try it out for free! Just click the banner below to go to the auction lobby and jump in one! Every day there is a new player pool full of different players to bid on and win!

Now to take a look at today’s player pool (and the draft I did this morning, I will highlight my winning bids)!


Average Budget Spent: 4.4%

QB Baker Mayfield 1
QB Jameis Winston 1
QB Jared Goff 2
QB Kirk Cousins 2
QB Matt Ryan 9
QB Philip Rivers 1

With no landmines at quarterback in today’s player pool… the average budget went way down today. Yesterday it was around 15% with a couple poor options. I’m not even sure how Ryan went for so much, but if you are spending more than a few bucks on a quarterback today, you are wasting money that could be spent elsewhere.

Running Backs

Average Budget Spent: 44.4%

RB Bilal Powell 1
RB Ezekiel Elliott 26
RB James White 16
RB Kareem Hunt 35
RB Kenyan Drake 1
RB Latavius Murray 1
RB LeSean McCoy 15
RB Marshawn Lynch 8
RB Tarik Cohen 1
RB Tevin Coleman 1
RB T.J. Yeldon 16
RB Todd Gurley 39

This is the place to spend up today. You will find yourself in a bidding war for each of Hunt, White, Zeke, and Gurley. If you want to “do the opposite” (I type wondering if Charch will read this)… Lynch has gone for $5-$8 in all four auctions I did this morning. The prices you see are simply the most recent auction I did.

Wide Receivers

Average Budget Spent: 27.2%

WR Adam Thielen 8
WR Chris Godwin 1
WR DeAndre Hopkins 16
WR Doug Baldwin 1
WR Emmanuel Sanders 1
WR Jarvis Landry 12
WR Julian Edelman 11
WR Julio Jones 25
WR Kenny Stills 1
WR Robert Woods 5
WR Stefon Diggs 16
WR Tyler Lockett 1

I left money on the table once again. That $14 would have been nice to spend on Thielen, but Thielen was in the first grouping. Once again, I don’t see any real issue with taking ANY two of these WRs. Even Godwin has a great matchup in a potential shootout with the Falcons. Another team clearly has been reading my tweets or this article yesterday… or is just savvy… and also decided to just let 2 wide receivers fall to him at the end. That’s the play today. IF multiple teams are doing this, don’t be afraid to drop up to $10 on one of the wide receivers, but today is the day to pay up at RB. I got Sanders and Lockett who should still be solid. That money I saved got me Zeke and White.

Tight Ends

Average Budget Spent: 5.3%

TE Austin Hooper 1
TE Charles Clay 1
TE Jared Cook 1
TE Jordan Reed 2
TE Kyle Rudolph 1
TE Rob Gronkowski 13

Can you tell what you should do here today? I view Hooper and Clay as landmines, personally. That said, Hooper has a great matchup, so maybe not. I’d throw a buck or two on Cook, Rudolph, or Reed and spend the rest on running back. Gronk will cost $9-$15 based on the auctions I did.

Once again, try one out today for FREE in the auction lobby!