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Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Fanball FAAB – Week 2 Waiver Wire Advice

by • September 11, 2018

Words by Bradley Ylitalo and Paul Charchian. Rankings and blind bidding recommendations by Paul Charchian.


Case Keenum, QB Den

25/39, 329 yards, three touchdowns, three interceptions
Owned in 13% of leagues
Week 2: vs Raiders

The three picks weren’t pretty, but Case Keenum just posted the best quarterback performance we’ve seen from a Bronco since Peyton Manning—and I don’t mean his crappy final year (when he got benched for Brock Osweiler and his defense won a Super Bowl), I mean the year before that. Keenum’s mobility and instincts were on display and he extended plays often.  He’s got more receiving options than people realize. Six different players got multiple receptions, and rookies Courtland Sutton and Phillip Lindsay should only get better.  He’s startable this week and again two weeks later against the Chiefs.  Blind Bidding Recommendation: 10%. In 2QB and QB flex leagues, I’d go 20%

Sam Darnold, QB NYJ

16/21, 198 Yards, Two Touchdowns, One Interception
Owned in 8% of leagues
Week 2: vs Dolphins

Sam Darnold’s total numbers weren’t flashy, but he certainly passed the eye test on Sunday night, looking incredibly poised for a first-start 21-year old rookie. Darnold doesn’t have elite weapons around him, but Robbie Anderson can stretch the field and Quincy Enunwa, Bilal Powell, and Isaiah Crowell are all safe dumpoff options.  Defenses will get tape on Darnold and start poking holes in his game, but for the moment, he looks worthy of a roster spot in QB flex and 2QB leagues. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 3%. In QB heavy dynasty and empire leagues, I’d go 25%.

Ryan “Stew Beard” Fitzpatrick QB TB

12/28, 417 yards, five touchdowns, zero picks.
Owned in 2% of leagues
Week 2: vs Eagles

Stewie!  It’s only Week 1, but Ryan Fitzpatrick stat line will almost certainly be the most shocking quarterback performance of the year.  Right now, go look again at those stats I typed out a couple lines ago and breathe in the Fitzmagic.  417! Five! Zero!  Unreal.  But it’s never simple with Fitzpatrick. There are two problems with picking him up.  First, presumably, Jameis Winston is still the team’s starter, and will return to the helm in two games.  Second, those two games are against two good secondaries, Philly and Pittsburgh.  There’s a scenario where Fitzpatrick is terrific in those two games, and the team keeps starting him.  And if you believe that’s going to happen, by all means, pick him up. You won’t have to pay much.  Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%

Ryan Tannehill, QB Mia

20/28, 230 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions
Owned in 6% of leagues
Week 2: at Jets

Nobody is more shocked to be writing this than me.  Considering that it had been more than 600 days since his last start, I fully expected Ryan Tannehill to require several weeks before returning to form. But to his credit, he looked pretty good. And Kenny Stills is completely legit. He’ll be a spot starter for bye weeks. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%.


Phillip Lindsay, RB DEN

15 Carries, 71 Yards, Three Targets, Two Receptions, 31 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned In 2% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Raiders

Every opening weekend has a shocker and this year, none bigger than Phillip Lindsay.  Everyone was on board with Royce Freeman as the unquestioned lead back, but Phillip Lindsay ended up with more total touches and the same amount of carries. Linsday and Freeman posted identical 15-71-0 lines last week. Lindsay found a lot of success in the preseason, and the team took that success directly into the regular season.  Lindsay is small (charitably listed at 5’ 8”), fast, and agile, but has enough heft that I wouldn’t call him a scatback.  Freeman’s size advantage makes him the goal line option, but Lindsay can get looks everywhere else on the field. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 20%

TJ Yeldon, RB JAC

14 Carries, 51 Yards, Seven Targets, Three Receptions, 18 Yards
Owned In 8% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Patriots

Reportedly, Jacksonville is optimistic that Leonard Fournette won’t miss any time, but we shouldn’t be at all surprised to see him miss one or two weeks. Plus, hamstring injuries aggravate easily, and a setback is possible.  If Fournette misses time, Yeldon instantaneously becomes a potential flex-worthy play. Yeldon got 17 touches in Jacksonville’s Week 1 win in New York, while Corey Grant inexplicably only got one. Yeldon is an excellent receiver, and will remain a useful PPR contributor on bye weeks even after Fournette returns. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 15%

Frank Gore, RB Mia

Six carries, 61 yards, nothing via the air.
Owned in 25% of leagues
Week 2: at Jets

Dammit.  Apparently we have to pay attention to Frank Gore…again.  I’m so damn bored of this guy.  I’ve been writing and talking about Gore since 2005.  I suppose he deserves more respect than this. He’s just 14 yards out of fourth place on the career rushing list.  He was lousy last year, averaging just 3.7 yards per carry, but he nearly doubled that production last Sunday when he led Miami with 61 rushing yards.  He’ll be a bye week plug-in, particularly in standard scoring systems. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 10%

Austin Ekeler, RB LAC

Five carries, 39 yards, Five targets, Five receptions, 87 yards, One touchdown
Owned in 11% of Leagues
Week 2: at Bills

With 10 touches, Austin Ekeler has a contributing role for the Chargers, and can be a spot starter in bye weeks, particularly for PPR leagues. He’s also one of the more valuable handcuffs available. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 5%

Nyheim Hines, RB IND

Five Carries, 19 Yards, Nine Targets, Seven Receptions, 33 Yards
Owned In 7% of Leagues
Week 2: at Redskins

Because of his contributions through the air, Nyheim Hines was a pleasant surprise last week. Andrew Luck targeted the rookie an amazing nine times, and Hines came through, catching seven of them—and no fumbles! Woo hoo!. He was far from efficient, though, gathering only 52 yards on his 12 touches. Marlon Mack probably returns this week, which very much muddies the waters in this backfield.  Remember how Frank Reich used his runners in Philly last year? Prepare for an equal level of frustration here. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%


Phillip Dorsett, WR NE

Seven Targets, Seven Receptions, 66 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned in 4.7% of Leagues
Week 2: at Jaguars

Phillip Dorsett is my favorite waiver wire receiver this week.  Worried he doesn’t have the confidence of Tom Brady?  Don’t be. He converted all seven of Brady’s attempts into receptions.  Tom will be acutely aware that Dorsett didn’t let him down even once. Worried that he’ll disappear when Julian Edelman comes back?  Don’t be.  Edelman plays predominantly out of the slot and Dorsett plays out wide.  The former first-rounder looks like a season-long starter on a Tom Brady-led offense. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 35%

Ted Ginn

Six targets, five receptions, 72 total yards, one touchdown
Owned in 17% of leagues
Week 2: vs Browns

For some reason, one of Drew Brees’ two starting wide receivers isn’t owned in 83% of leagues.  That’ll be rectified this week after Ted Ginn’s solid showing in last week’s crazy shootout. Ginn, once a certified Grade-A ball dropper, has improved dramatically and earned Brees’ trust. And he’s still got the speed to get open deep.  You’ll want to pick your spots to start Ginn, but one of those spots is probably this week against Cleveland. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 10%

Geronimo Allison, WR GB

Eight Targets, Five Receptions, 69 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned In 9% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Vikings

With 42 snaps on Sunday night, Geronimo Allison has clearly earned the Packers’ No. 3 receiver. In an Aaron Rodgers-led offense, that obviously comes with a lot of value. You probably saw Allison’s touchdown, and that tells you a lot about his game: straight line speed. I am highly encouraged by the eight targets he received in the game, but I’m not sure that’s sustainable. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 10%

Quincy Enunwa, WR NYJ

10 Targets, Six Receptions, 63 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned In 9% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Miami

With 10 targets on Monday night, Quincy Enunwa has quickly established himself as Sam Darnold’s favorite receiver. Astoundingly, Enunwa was the target of 48 percent of Darnold’s throws and was responsible for 38 percent of the team’s receptions. Those numbers assuredly won’t hold up, but Sam Darnold’s impressive game makes Enunwa very rosterable, particularly when he’s got advantageous slot matchups.  Blind Bidding Recommendation: 10%

Brandon Marshall, WR SEA

Six Targets, Three Receptions, 46 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned In 6% of Leagues
Week 2: at Bears

Doug Baldwin’s knee issues were worsened in his Week 1 loss to Denver and his timetable to return is murky. In the meantime, Brandon Marshall (and Tyler Lockett, likely already owned in your league) should receive major bumps in market share. For years, Marshall’s size made him an effective end zone target and with Jimmy Graham gone, that job falls to him. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 5%

DeSean Jackson, WR TB

Five Receptions, 146 yards, Two Touchdowns
Owned In 42% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Eagles

DeSean Jackson is back. Well, maybe. He obliterated the Saints defense, gathering his highest yardage total since 2015, but left the game with a concussion, and could miss some time. Jackson was officially the No. 3 receiver for Tampa Bay, playing from the slot. That won’t change, but it might not matter for fantasy purposes if Jackson can continue to make game-changing plays. Jackson’s concussion will likely suppress his bidding, so you won’t have to pay much. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 3%

Cole Beasley, WR DAL

Eight Targets, Seven Receptions, 73 Yards
Owned in 12.4% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Giants

If you feel compelled to add a Dallas receiver, clearly you didn’t watch the Cowboys offense on Sunday. In a word, brutal.  But, if there’s one receiver to have, it looks like Beasley is the only safe option.  You can drop all the others. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%


George Kittle, TE SF

Nine Targets, Five Receptions, 90 Yards
Owned In 37% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Lions

With a team-leading nine targets, George Kittle was all over the field in Week 1. His 90 yards were undoubtedly impressive, but with a few better throws from Jimmy Garoppolo that number could have been a lot higher. Kittle was a well-known sleeper coming into the season, and he has confirmed all of our highest expectations thus far. His combination of size and speed make him a tough guy to cover, and he was able to exploit a very good Vikings defense. Marquise Goodwin is battling a bruised thigh, which can further help establish Kittle as a go-to receiving option for Garoppolo. He’ll face a reeling Lions defense this week. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 35%

Jared Cook, TE OAK

12 Targets, Nine Receptions, 180 Yards
Owned in 27% of Leagues
Week 2: at Broncos

. Cook has never been a consistent producer, but he quietly finished as the TE15 last year. He was the only functional part of the Raiders offense on Monday night, and was rewarded with a whopping 12 targets in Jon Gruden’s new offense.  If he can find the end zone at a higher rate in 2018 (just three total touchdowns over the last three years), he becomes starter worthy in favorable matchups. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 20%

Jesse James, TE PIT

Five Targets, Three Receptions, 60 Yards
Owned In 2% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Chiefs

Jesse James injured his back in week three of the preseason, leaving Vance McDonald as the expected starter for Pittsburgh. But James healed up quicker than expected and McDonald is hurt. James’ value rests entirely on McDonald’s health. Any time McDonald is out, James could see enough action to warrant a roster spot. Once McDonald returns, James’ role will diminish greatly. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%

Ian Thomas, TE CAR

Two Targets, Two Receptions, Four Yards
Owned In .3% of Leagues
Week 2: at Falcons

After reinjuring his surgically repaired foot, Greg Olsen’s career is in question. If his injury is significant, it’s easy to see him migrating to the broadcast booth, a process he started last year. t. Until he returns, if ever, rookie Ian Thomas should take over his role in the starting lineup. Thomas was a fourth-round pick for Carolina who flashed in the preseason, and was being groomed to eventually take over for Olsen. He’ll be forced into duty right away. Rookie tight ends almost never make an impact (Evan Engram being a notable exception last year), and that’s particularly true of mid-rounders.  Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%

Jonnu Smith, TE TEN

Three Targets, One Reception, 12 Yards
Owned in .2% of Leagues
Week 2: vs Texans

This is pretty simple. Delanie Walker is out for the season, and Jonnu Smith is going to be replacing him. Walker-like production is likely a pipe dream for Smith, but he should have a pretty solid floor as the full-time starter for Tennessee. Playing in just 14 career games with 169 total yards, there’s a lot of unknowns with Smith. But if he gets even half of Walker’s volume and red zone targets, he’s worth taking a chance on. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%

Will Dissly, TE SEA

Five Targets, Three Receptions, 105 Yards, One Touchdown
Owned in .1% of Leagues
Week 2: at Bears

I do this for a living, and I hadn’t heard of Will Dissly until Sunday. Here’s what you need to know: He’s a converted defensive lineman who has only played tight end for a couple years.  While Ed Dickson is out, he’ll be in a rotation with Nick Vannett. Last week, he played in 33 offensive snaps, while Vannett got 35. Dissly has probably already posted his best game of 2018. Blind Bidding Recommendation: 1%



Bradley Ylitalo (@BradleyYlitalo) is a freelance contributor for the SportsHub Games Network, Inc., Fanball’s parent company. Any advice or strategies provided by SportsHub contributors represent their personal opinions; they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of SportsHub Games Network and are not necessarily reflective of the strategies they may employ in their own lineups.