Charch's Week 3 Quarterback Rankings


Not only is Patrick Mahomes fantasy football's highest scoring quarterback, he's the single most electrifying player to have on your roster. He's slinging lasers all over the field and he's using everyone. He's already thrown touchdowns to seven different receivers, which begs the question, who should the 49ers cover? They'll certainly have to account for Tyreek Hill (not that they're likely to do so), but then there's the matter of slowing the other six guys who have already scored. And what's more, Mahomes has accomplished all this in two road games. Now he's at home against at team that just allowed Matthew Stafford to rebound from his Week 1 debacle and has yet to register an interception. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 10.0/10   |   $8200


Tom Brady just played his toughest defense of the season and still walked away with multiple touchdowns, something he's done in six straight games, going back to last year. So, there's no hesitation in starting him against the Lions, particularly if star cornerback Darius Slay can't play. The Lions secondary has been picked apart by Jimmy Garoppolo and Sam Darnold who each threw multiple touchdowns and completed a whopping 72% of their passes. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.75/10   |   $8100


I like both Newton's arm and legs in this game. Let's start with his upper body. He just diced up a good Falcons secondary last week and Cincinnati doesn't appear much better. Both of the Bengals two opposing quarterbacks have topped 300 yards, but it's taken a whopping 53 and 55 passes to get there.Cam Newton has never thrown 53+ times. Newton is running very well and running often. He's tallied 100 rushing yards through two games, which is more than Melvin Gordon, David Johnson, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara. The Bengals allowed three quarterback rushing touchdowns last year, and Deshaun Watson and Marcus Mariota topped 50 rushing yards. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.75/10   |   $7400


There should be no need for late game heroics for Kirk Cousins as he faces a Buffalo team that has allowed a staggering 78 points and 718 yards in two games. The Bills have allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 75% of their passes, second-worst. Both Joe Flacco and Philip Rivers threw for three touchdowns before calling off the dogs in the second half. Cousins has every opportunity to match those three touchdowns with excellent individual matchups for his receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. And if Dalvin Cook's leg injury isn't healed, it may create a few extra passes for Cousins. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.75/10   |   $7900


Last week's game against Minnesota answered every question we had about Aaron Rodgers: His mobility isn't half bad and he remains highly effective. I'm grading him as if he's at 90-95% efficacy. Even without Kendall Fuller, the Redskins secondary has done a solid job in both games, shutting down Sam Bradford and keeping Andrew Luck in check. But stopping Aaron Rodgers is an entirely different challenge. Even if Josh Norman keeps Devonte Adams in check, Rodgers has a delicious matchup with Randall Cobb against miserable slot corner Fabian Moreau. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.5/10   |   $8000

The Chiefs secondary looks every bit as bad as Pat Mahomes looks good. In two Chiefs games, 135 points have been scored! Opponents are keenly aware of the deficiencies of starting corners Orlando Scandrick and Steven Nelson as evidenced by the whopping 111 passes thrown by Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. No team has allowed more passing attempts, or yards, and only one team has allowed more passing touchdowns. Garoppolo picked apart the Lions last week and this is a more favorable matchup, even if Marquise Goodwin can't play. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.25/10   |   $7100

The only bad part about Stew Beard's astounding start to the season is that almost no fantasy owners have cashed in on his success. Now that he's rostered in virtually every league, do you dare start him, or is Fitzmagic going to pull a disappearing act? The Steelers secondary was good against Tyrod Taylor in the opener, but dreadful last week against Patrick Mahomes. So which version is real? I'm skeptical about this secondary. Cornerback Joe Haden is cooked. Third-year corner Artie Burns hasn't developed. Safety Sean Davis isn't good. Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick has the best receivers of his career at his disposal.Strong advantage to the Beard. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.5/10   |   $6900


To my eyes, Drew Brees doesn't have quite the same arm strength of previous years, but it hasn't mattered. He's been fantastic in both games so far, and history suggests this is a good matchup for him. Brees has scored in 10 straight game against the Falcons and an amazing 21 of his last 22 matchups against them. The Atlanta secondary gave up three touchdowns to Cam Newton last week, which was a function of trying to play without Keanu Neal (IR) and his backup, Damontae Kazee, getting ejected in the first quarter. Kazee returns for this matchup, but it's still a strong advantage for Brees. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.25/10   |   $7800


Blake Bortles' fantasy owners will be rooting for Leonard Fournette to take his sweet time coming back from his hamstring injury. In four games without Fournette, Bortles has thrown for 330, 259, 326, and 377 yards. Wowowowow! Speaking of injuries, Bortles will need to overcome the loss of his blind-side tackle, Cam Robinson, who tore his ACL last Sunday. Josh Wells takes his place. He's a backup caliber player who will likely force Bortles into quicker passes. The Tennessee secondary is really struggling with every starter, particularly starting cornerbacks Adoree Jackson and Malcom Butler. Both Ryan Tannehill and Deshaun Watson have thrown two touchdowns against the Titans, and Bortles should find multiple touchdowns too. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9.25/10   |   $6200

The secret ingredient in Matthew Stafford's fantasy success is volume. In passes thrown over the past five years, he's ranked 4th, 9th, 7th, 5th, and 4th. So far this year, he ranks 2nd. If Blake Bortles' success last week is any indication, volume could help Stafford on Sunday night. Bortles threw the ball 45 times, and only handed off the ball 17 times. So far this year, the Lions have an even more preposterous ratio of 54 passes to 16 rushes per game. Stafford has three excellent weapons at receiver, and I particularly like Golden Tate from the slot, the same place Dede Westbrook scored from last week. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 9/10   |   $7400


The Saints secondary humbled Matt Ryan in their two meetings last year, and I'm inclined to believe it'll happen again. Ryan threw just two touchdowns while giving up four interceptions in those game, and the Saints secondary looked much improved last week. Still, there's reason for optimism for Ryan. Julio Jones routinely hammers the Saints, including putting up 247 yards last year. He's scored and/or topped 93 yards in eight of the last nine matchups. Jones alone can propel Ryan to a solid fantasy game - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.75/10   |   $6800


Technically it's an away game for Philip Rivers, even though he'll be playing in the Chargers' home stadium. But, really, it's always an away game for the Chargers because their stadium always has more fans rooting for the away team. Rivers has faced two of the league's worst pass defenses, and he's responded accordingly, with 680 yards and six touchdowns. Meanwhile, the Rams have likewise played two lackluster opponents, Derek Carr and Sam Bradford, and they've also reacted accordingly, allowing just 393 passing yards and zero touchdowns.Every one of Rivers' receivers has a tough individual matchup, including Keenan Allen, so I see a sizable regression coming for Rivers. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.75/10   |   $7200

With any other quarterback, I'd spent most of this matchup writing about how he's going to tear apart the injury-ravaged Tampa Bay secondary. But it's Ben Roethlisberger, which means I'm mandated to highlight his unbelievably awful road numbers. You can blame his opening day struggles in Cleveland on the weather, but we've got a whopping 23 road games since 2015 that clearly demonstrate his problems away from Heinz Field. In those games, he's averaged 1.1 touchdown passes. To give you some context about how bad that is, Trevor Siemian threw for 1.1 touchdowns per game last year. No matter how enticing the matchup looks on paper-and this one seems juicy against a team allowing a league-worst 77% completion rate-Ben is never a safe start on the road. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.25/10   |   $7300


Since Bill Lazor took over the Bengals offense at this time last year, Andy Dalton has quietly been a rock solid fantasy starter, averaging two touchdowns per game. In those 16 games, the only teams to shut out Dalton were the elite defenses in Minnesota and Jacksonville. Carolina is no such defense. They handled Dak Prescott in the opener, but Matt Ryan was very good against them last week. And I don't see an answer for AJ Green on their roster. With Joe Mixon sidelined, Dalton likely throws a bit more often. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.5/10   |   $6800


Everyone is focusing on the Giants' offensive problems, but nobody's talking about a dramatically improved secondary that ranks No. 2 in passing yards allowed and No. 4 in passing touchdowns allowed. Granted, they've faced the modest passing attacks from Jacksonville and Dallas, but those kinds of teams were smoking this secondary last season. Deshaun's dreadful offensive line is a major hinderance to his fantasy production. He's been sacked and harried constantly, and many of his passes are forced to come out quickly. Fortunately, the Giants rank dead last in sacks with just one so far. So, this should be an opportunity for Watson to set up in the pocket. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.5/10   |   $7600


These teams met in Week 16 last year, with both teams out of the playoff hunt, and Wilson had a peculiar box score of just 93 passing yards. He'll certainly exceed that number this week, but the Dallas pass defense has looked terrific in their two games, stymieing solid quarterbacks Cam Newton and Eli Manning.While Russell Wilson is better than those two, the Seattle offense as a whole is the least functional of the three. Seattle has zero running game, a leaky offensive line, and has been gifted some garbage time stat padding which has helped Wilson find his way to five touchdowns in two games. He's only run for 22 yards so far, and when these teams met in Week 16 last year, he only ran for 29 scoreless yards. Cam Newton run for 58 yards in the opener against Dallas, which gives him some hope. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.25/10   |   $7500


I know the Eagles got hammered by Ryan Fitzpatrick last week, but much of that damage came on downfield passes. To my eyes, Andrew Luck still doesn't have much velocity on his downfield passes, and he's not throwing deep very often. Luck remains highly accurate, but needs to complete short passes and hope his receivers can advance downfield. That's a pretty big limitation for any offense and Philadelphia should be able to factor that into their defensive' scheme. TY Hilton has been terrific, as usual, and he's got a positive matchup with Jalen Mills. But the rest of Luck's receivers aren't good, and don't have nearly as favorable matchups. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.0/10   |   $6700


Nick Foles made the decision to start Carson Wentz an easy one. It's not as easy for his fantasy owners. Wentz hasn't played since December 10th and missed the entire preseason. It's very reasonable to expect him to need a week to knock the rust off. Hopefully you have the luxury of waiting and watching, even in a favorable matchup with the Colts. Indy features one of the least talented cornerback trios in the league Pierre Desir, Kenny Moore II, and Nate Hairston. In fairness, they kept Alex Smith out of the end zone last week, but allowed almost 300 passing yards. Wentz may have Alshon Jeffery back, but he's rusty too, and Wentz will be without Mike Wallace. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.0/10   |   $7300


Jared Goff's worst enemy is his own running back, Todd Gurley. Gurley's absurd productivity effectively caps Goff's upside in most games. Not only does Gurley punctuate drives with touchdowns, but he also limits Goff's volume. Goff has topped 38 pass attempts in just three of 19 starts under head coach Sean McVay. It's hard for any quarterback to put up explosive numbers when you don't throw many passes. The Chargers secondary is loaded with talent, and the path of least resistance comes via Gurley's legs. Last year, the Chargers finished 31st in rushing yards allowed and 4th in passing yards allowed.All that said, the Chiefs attacked the Chargers through the air in Week 1, and it worked. So, there's hope. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.0/10   |   $7300


If you could assure me that the Week 1 version of Alex Smith was going to show up, I'd be talking about a potential big game for him against Green Bay's rebuilt secondary. As it stands, I'm only warm on him. The Packers handled Mitch Trubisky in the opener, but got worked over by Kirk Cousins last week, and I believe Smith is closer to Cousins than Trubisky. Smith has a particularly favorable matchup with slot receiver Jamison Crowder against rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander. Crowder isn't as good as Adam Thielen, but note that Thielen just posted 12 receptions for 131 yards and a score while running from the slot almost exclusively. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 8.0/10   |   $6300


Case Keenum has mostly played well in his two games as a Bronco, including a rallying drive at the end of last week's win. But this game leaves me nervous, even though Andy Dalton ripped the Ravens last week. Baltimore is a good defense. Baltimore is No. 1 in opponent completion percentage, allowing just 47% of passes to find their target. Even with Jimmy Smith out, the Ravens are solid at the outside cornerback positions with Brandon Carr and Marlon Humphrey. Keenum has a fantastic matchup in the slot, though, with Emmanuel Sanders going up against brutally bad corner Tavon Young. I'm just not sure if Keenum can exploit that matchup enough times to bring him a good fantasy outing. - Paul Charchian (@PaulCharchian)
Charch's Rating: 7.75/10   |   $6500